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GreeNaval – Aluminium Hybrid Yacht Series

Naval Yachts Co. proudly presents the "GreeNaval Hybrid Series", an environmentally friendly project that brings a new challenge and vision to the electric boat and hybrid boat market. The GreeNaval hybrid yacht series, electric engines with advanced technology, 100% recyclable aluminum hull, simple and stylish interior design and all other details come to the forefront.

Navalyachts Co. Launches its brand new 47feet model “GN47”  hybrid boat in February 2017 and it is currently being built in the shipyard of Naval Yachts in the heart of yacht building: Antalya Free Zone/Turkey. GN47 is not only an innovation but also the start of a new era in the hybrid yacht and electric yacht market. With its many features and advantages, it is the most attractive boat that can meet all the needs of the owner.

Naval Yachts is working with the best producers for the electric drive system of the GreeNaval hybrid series. All components of the drive system are made in Germany and the USA; All body and interior structural materials are of EU origin.

For full specs and details please contact us or send an e-mail to info@navalyachts.com

Electric drive motors / Hybrid propulsion

GN47 electric motors generate the power and the movement to the shafts and propellers. There is no diesel power to run the propellers. It is pure electric: No exhaust, No vibration, No noise, No pollution! Zero emission!

What makes GN47 a hybrid propulsion is the support of two gen sets that feed the batteries in case of urgency and need of speed because of some accident, storm etc. Thanks to the special design of the hull structure and big volume of tanks, the gen sets give GreeNaval an unlimited cruise range of 2000 Knots at 7,00 Knots/hour.

Electric propulsion components are made in Germany and USA. 

Aluminum Hull and Design

GreeNaval hybrid boat series are built with European Origin marine aluminum grade sheets with very experienced aluminum workers with a perfect welding quality. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material and the consumption of aluminum is increasing rapidly not only in marine industry but also in all other industries thanks to improving aluminum grades to find an excellent way to use aluminum for each special application. GN47 has no polyester, no cancerogenic material, no unrecyclable plastic product. Fully green, fully eco-friendly with much better structural strength and unlimited lifetime. Aluminum is easy to maintain, doesn’t rust, there is a special protective covering on the surface to eliminate the risk of electro

GreeNaval hybrid boat series have no wood in interiors. It has special designed honeycomb panels and structures everywhere. The boat is lighter but more stable than any boat in its class. The exterior styling was made by Emrah Önemli. The exterior styling has details that enhance cruising comfort and lines that reflect the future.

User-friendly design and equipment

GreeNaval hybrid boat series has an uncomplicated management system, therefore, the owner doesn’t spend time with complications, maintenance. The owner doesn’t even need a crew to manage and drive the boat. There is no hydraulic system. Everything is mainly mechanic and partly electric. The owner can manage everything from the cockpit digitally thanks to her hybrid management system, also everything can be managed manually in the engine room. Easy repair, easy maintenance, no complications, no danger.