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GreeNaval preferred high-tech electric motors in propulsion

GreeNaval, thanks to high-tech electric motors that it preferred in propulsion, provides a daily cruise comfort with a zero emission over the sea. Energy required for the batteries can be obtained as well as from the marina or any power outlet and also be provided from other natural resources with solar panels and wind generator.


All models of GreeNaval include advanced technology, high security and maintenance free electric motors as standard equipment. Electric motors don’t use petroleum fuels and show sensitivity to the environment with zero emissions. Due to its quiet and smooth operation, it offers a pleasant cruise over the seas. The fact that it requires low maintenance and creates effective maneuverability carries this pleasure to higher levels.

Motors that can be chosen according to preferences have voltages of 48V DC or 96V DC.




In GreeNaval battery technology, its battery capacity is developed to provide secure and comfortable cruising unlike the other hybrid models. Top level batteries are used in GreeNaval to give trust to the boat owner. Since battery life is the at the top of the list of the things that boat owners mostly concern, special battery management system is developed to keep the battery life at the highest level. This special battery management system has a capacity of of 3.000 times recharge. If it is calculated to have approximately 200 charges in a year, lifetime of battery group can be calculated as more than 10 years.

The electricity systems of GreeNaval are designed in consideration of the future. Foresights about rapid developing battery technology are that battery prices will be decreasing drastically. And this will offer a cost advantage to the yacht owners in the battery change that will take place many years later, so they will be able to perform the battery change smoothly. 



There are full and semi flexible solar panels on which natural energy can be cultivated in GreeNaval. These panels can produce energy up to 20kW on a sunny weather. With this solar energy it’s possible to cruise at 5knot speed for 2 hours with zero cost.