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Hybrid Mode with generator support, 2.500 N.m range.
Up to daily 30 N.m. range with zero fuel consumption,
2x50kW electric motors with 22 kVA marine generator. BUILD YOUR GREENAVAL

GN47 - Hybrid Boat

Sophisticated Design, Innovative Ideas

GN47 is a hybrid yacht which was designed for large families who care environment and their budgets. GreeNaval 47, distinct from the other hybrid boats in its class, has an electric motor. GN47 has  30 N.m. daily range and is able to cruise 2 hours by solar panels. In addition, thanks to DC generator, GN47 has 2.000 N.m range with 6 knots speed. 

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Loa: 14.32 meters

Beam: 4.15 meters

Draft: 0,90 meters

Hull Material: Marine Aluminium, H321 grade

Propulsion: 2 x 50kW electric motors

Emergency Propulsion and Energy Source: 2 x 22kVA marine generator

Natural Energy Source: 22 sq.m solar panels

Accommodation: 1 master cabin, 2 guest cabin, 1 crew cabin, 1 saloon,

Standart Features:

2.10 meters ceiling heights at saloon and master cabin

Sewage treatment system for two headrooms

Optional Features:

Wind generator

Hydro generator

2,40 meters aluminum tender with outboard electric motor


Electric drive motors/ Hybrid propulsion

GN47 electric motors generate the power and the movement to the shafts and propellers. There is no diesel power to run the propellers. It is pure electric: No exhaust, No vibration, No noise, No pollution! Zero emission!

What makes GN47 a hybrid propulsion is the support of two gen sets that feed the batteries in case of urgency and need of speed because of some accident, storm etc. Thanks to the special design of the hull structure and big volume of tanks, the gen sets give GreeNaval an unlimited cruise range of 2000 Knots at 7,00 Knots/hour.

Electric propulsion components are made in Germany and USA. 



Wider Interior Volumes, Modern Design

GN47 has one master cabin at forward side of yacht with double bed, TV unit, cabinet and wide headroom.

Located at portside, there is a guest cabin with two single bed, TV unit and cabinet. At starboard, there is common area with lockers and cabinets which can be also turned into a single bed accomodation spaces.

At aft side or yacht, there is a confortable guest cabin with double bed, cabinet.

Saloon is accomodated with one modern sofa, one L shaped dining and resting settee and galley spaces at starboard side.

Ceiling heights in saloon and master cabin is 2.10 meters.


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Boat Without Propulsion

€ 250,000

Propulsion Options

€ 95,000
€ 142,000
€ 166,000


€ 36,000 € 41,000


€ 4,500
€ 3,000
€ 3,000
€ 1,500
€ 8,500
€ 2,500
€ 3,000
€ 350
€ 100
€ 8,000
€ 450
€ 4,500
€ 400
€ 150
€ 900
€ 15,000
€ 14,000


€ 5,200
€ 11,000
€ 2,000


€ 500
€ 200
€ 350
€ 500
€ 1,800
€ 2,500
€ 550
€ 750

Safety Equipment

€ 2,600

Electrical Equipment

€ 1,700
€ 2,000
€ 6,800

TOTAL PRICE250,000.00 €


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