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GreeNaval, Electric Yacht and Hybrid Boat Technology


GreeNaval is a zero emission, electric driven and eco-friendly electric motor yacht brand designed by Naval Yachts . GreeNaval is a silent boat manufactured from 100% recyclable material and propelled with high-tech electric motors. With zero fuel consumption it can cruise up to 20 miles per day.


GreeNaval is a zero emmision, eco-friendly electric boat. Engines powered by petroleum derived fuel, which are prefered to be used in yachts, release gases to the environment like NOx, CO, CO2 that damage the nature and human health, instead of others electric boats are eco-friendly. GreeNaval, thanks to high-tech electric motors prefered in its drive system, provides daily zero emission cruising comfort over the seas without using petroleum derived fuel. Energy required for the batteries can be obtained from the marina or any power outlet. Energy is also provided from other natural resources with solar panels and wind generator. If you are going for a cruise at the weekend, energy, that you will only be storing from the natural energy resources during the week days, will allow you to spend those two days delightfully.      


GreeNaval is a silent electric  yacht. Silence is one of the essential basic elements of a comfortable and cosy cruise. On a motor yacht with a regular diesel motor, there is approximately 60-70 dbA sound in the saloon while cruising but with GreeNaval’s electric motor design concept the sound in the saloon is almost not there. Silent operation and zero vibration experience of electric motor is one of the most outstanding features of GreeNaval. Due to high-tech electric motors it owns, GreeNaval provides valuable benefits such as long life, high quality, energy savings, maximum performance compared to the minimum fuel consumption along with low noise and vibration.

Naturally, motor boat owners are exposed to motor sound more than the sailing enthusiasts. After a while, boat motor sound could become disturbing with all the other noises. According to the researches, being exposed to sound levels over 90dB constantly might cause nausea, fatigue, muscle strain, increase in heartrate or blood pressure after some time. Due to electric motor, person sleeping next door wouldn’t wake up if the motor is run during night cruises. Moreover, its maintenance is far more easy compared to other motors. Naval Yacht, devoted itself to excellent products and performance, has produced GreeNaval with a hard-to-attain silent electric motor, achieved by its researches and studies in the field of this industry.

Besides all, as humans we, even though unintentionally, damage the World we live in. GreeNaval is designed to provide a harmless environment for both the World we live in and ourselves.



GreeNaval offers a comfortable cruising. There is a huge vibration problem that arises from the operating principle of the internal combustion engines. Although it is tried to be reduced by using equipment such as vibration damping pads, getting close to zero can never be achieved.

GreeNaval is one of the most comfortable examples in its class. In GreeNaval battery technology, its battery capacity is developed to provide secure and comfortable cruising unlike the other hybrid models.Thanks to electrical thrust system, there is almost no vibration and sound. Their internal volumes are spacious and ceiling height is 2.05 m. Despite that, due to its special design center of gravity is at the bottom and stability of the boat is at a very good level. It offers the pleasure of being at the sea with the comfort of your own home.



GreeNaval offers a safe cruising. GreeNaval’s upper and lower housings are manufactured from marine aluminium plates by using the latest technology welding methods. Material used is Lloyd certificated and its origin is Europe. Ultrasonic welding controls have been made and approved.

The shell of the hull has been designed as double-walled, in this way even if damage occurs due to possible impacts from the bottom, it does not sink. Double-wall application is mandatory for tankers carrying liquid. This reliance-enhancing construction technique is adapted to the boat.  

Due to a special chemical application exerted onto the aluminum shell, electrolysis reaction will not occur on the boat hull. Any adverse condition such as corrosion, melting and etc. does not generate on the aluminium boat hull.


GreeNaval is a green yacht, manufactured from recyclable meterials. While designing GreeNaval’s hull and upper housing, durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly, recyclable and health harmless materials were researched. After the performed engineering calculations, it was decided to use marine aluminum that provides a number of different criteria. Usage of marine aluminum 5083 series has become widespread in the last 10 years due to its chemical and mechanical properties. It is foreseen that its usage in many critical industries such as marine, aerospace, automotive, machinery and energy will be much more high in numbers than the present stats.

Current boats can be made from fiberglass (glass fiber) and polyester materials by hand lay-up or injection methods from molds. However, the materials used are neither insoluble in nature nor environmentally friendly. Boats cannot be recycled when they fill their lifetime, they are decomposed or burned. Epoxy composites are also non-recyclable materials as fiberglass, and they are put on the wooden frame with sandwich technique.

It is possible to manufacture boats using steel sheet, but the steel hull weight is almost twice that of aluminum boat weight and consequently it brings fuel consumption as an issue.

When the commercial life of the vessel runs out, recycling of aluminum is possible. Therefore, aluminum is used for it’s a material that is both light, recyclable and have almost a strength value very close to steel.  


GreeNaval is a effortless hybrid yacht. When compared to diesel engine electric motor yachts requires very less maintenance. Electric motor yachts, as it’s in its operating principle, is a much more effortless and hassle-free system. It does not require exhaust system, cooling water and fuel system are at their minimum. Undesired conditions such as high vibration and high-volume occurring, and high heat released in diesel engines, that require maintenance and additional system, are not present in the electric motor.

No hydraulic system is ever used in GreeNaval system. All kinds of mechanical and electronic systems is minimized. Maintenance of the system and the equipment is easy and maintenance costs are very low.

In GreeNaval concept, it is intended that owner of Greenaval should be able to cruise without the need of anyone (with captain's license and subject to experience) and be able to intervene all hardware and equipment by him/herself.


GreeNaval is suitable for anyone. GreeNaval is far from systems structured in a complex way and puzzling.

Hydraulic, mechanical and electronic systems are designed in way to be simplest and not to malfunction. Also all parts of the mechanism can be controlled manually. Equipment with easily handled control mechanism is built in, providing maintenance and repairment that everyone can comfortably interfere. Interior space of engine room is large and have high ceiling. Valves, pumps, electrical switches and engine parts are manually accessible and in visible location. In summary GreeNaval does not include complicated and unnecessary details.




 GreeNaval is a enjoyable hybrid yacht. In the current operating principle of diesel engines, thrust power transferred to the vessel acts slowly depending on the duration of the engine gaining its speed. But in GreeNaval’s electric motors thrust power is immediately transferred to the shaft and propeller, and this means more efficient maneuver and easier acceleration / deceleration capability. So electric yachts create an enjoyable driving experience.


Metal Durability, Lightweight, Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

GreeNaval manufactures it's upper and lower housings from marine aluminium plates. Use of advanced technology in the welding process ensures accuracy & efficiency.

An important factor in yacht construction is weight. Aluminium is one of the lightest boat building materials available. A lighter weight increases performance, carrying capacity & reduces fuel costs.

Aluminium is twice as strong as steel at the same weight and far stronger than fibreglass. Aluminium's lighter weight makes it easier to handle which reduces build costs.


Weight is one of the most important factors of any boat. Aluminum is one of the lightest boat building materials available. A lighter boat increases performance, reduces fuel costs and increases carrying capacity.



Aluminium is not made from renewable resources. Yet, it is easier to recycle than other boat building materials. Recycling of aluminum uses about 90% less energy then raw material production. The scrap material from the building process is often reused and recycled. There is a high trade value on scrap aluminium.

Due to aluminium's lighter hull weight there is a reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


The well designed and constructed aluminum boat is virtually free from maintenance. It will not rot, decay, corrode or weaken. It is impervious to chemicals, UV rays and other environmental conditions. An aluminum boat will need antifoul paint and sacrificial anodes as with any other boat left in the water.


GreeNaval preferred high-tech electric motors in propulsion

GreeNaval, thanks to high-tech electric motors that it preferred in propulsion, provides a daily cruise comfort with a zero emission over the sea. Energy required for the batteries can be obtained as well as from the marina or any power outlet and also be provided from other natural resources with solar panels and wind generator.


All models of GreeNaval include advanced technology, high security and maintenance free electric motors as standard equipment. Electric motors don’t use petroleum fuels and show sensitivity to the environment with zero emissions. Due to its quiet and smooth operation, it offers a pleasant cruise over the seas. The fact that it requires low maintenance and creates effective maneuverability carries this pleasure to higher levels.

Motors that can be chosen according to preferences have voltages of 48V DC or 96V DC.




In GreeNaval battery technology, its battery capacity is developed to provide secure and comfortable cruising unlike the other hybrid models. Top level batteries are used in GreeNaval to give trust to the boat owner. Since battery life is the at the top of the list of the things that boat owners mostly concern, special battery management system is developed to keep the battery life at the highest level. This special battery management system has a capacity of of 3.000 times recharge. If it is calculated to have approximately 200 charges in a year, lifetime of battery group can be calculated as more than 10 years.

The electricity systems of GreeNaval are designed in consideration of the future. Foresights about rapid developing battery technology are that battery prices will be decreasing drastically. And this will offer a cost advantage to the yacht owners in the battery change that will take place many years later, so they will be able to perform the battery change smoothly. 



There are full and semi flexible solar panels on which natural energy can be cultivated in GreeNaval. These panels can produce energy up to 20kW on a sunny weather. With this solar energy it’s possible to cruise at 5knot speed for 2 hours with zero cost.