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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is GreeNaval is different and what are the outstanding features of it?

The main features that make GreeNaval different are its ecological and environment-friendly approach as well as its being economic due to special propulsion systems and components. The topic it is separated from its likes is that its ecological feature is designed and implemented in every detail of the boat. Greenaval’s hull and top construction is marine aluminum. Aluminium nowadays, due to its superior mechanical and chemical properties, is the most used material which can be recycled 100% (see. Why aluminum?) In Greenaval’s interior design, materials that are harmless to human health and recyclable are used. One of the important features is that it can provide secure, healthy and economical cruising opportunities through its electric propulsion system.

2. Why is GreeNaval a green and ecological model?

In the last century very clearly energy, energy conversion and the production of it are the topics that are most debated upon, invested in and R & Ded. The future will be based on energy obviously.

Most of the gases that affect atmosphere and thus adversely affecting the entire ecosystem are the emissions caused by heavy industrial companies and vehicles. GreeNaval reduces emission values to zero. There are no exhaust emissions. And it provides this with electrical energy, solar panels and wave generator. Exhaust gas is released from a 22kw generator that will only be used in emergency situations and where speed is required. And this means 3 times less exhaust emission than a diesel engine with same power. Hull and upper structure being aluminum, thereby providing the strength that will be required in water and being %100 recyclable, is superior and healthier than the polyester material used in rival boats. It’s important both in terms of human health and environment protection. 

3. Why is GreeNaval silent?

GreeNaval is propelled with electric system. This system consists of two electric motors, Li-Ion batteries, shaft and propeller system, generators to be used in emergency sitautions and long ranges. And this makes GreeNaval a pleasant and unprecedented quality cruise boat . Silence is also an important and elite feature in the marina entrance and exit.

4. Why is GreeNaval cosy?

While GreeNaval's shell-like form is being designed, it intended to be in the optimum value, though its design is prepared in this manner. Even on the waves it offers a cozy and comfortable cruise, there is no skidding as in polyester boats. Greenaval's center of gravity is in a lower level compared to other motorboats in the same class .
In its interior design furnitures, easy on the eye, functional and stylish are used. Rather than the  luxury, attention is paid to make it simple, convenient and comfortable. There is no unnecessary details. 

5. Why is GreeNaval a mariner boat? 

GreeNaval is designed keeping the marine environment in the forefront. The most important elements in maritime are security and safety prior to everything else. During the cruise, GreeNaval has a hull structure adapted to every kind of weather. Due to its special form, its stability is in the highest level. It has better stability values than polyester, steel or aluminum hull boats in its class.
Fast and simple propulsion and conduction of the boat in bad weather conditions or unexpected situations is very important. Considering this, all kinds of propulsion and conduction are prepared to be simple and easy to reach. The whole boat can be propelled and conducted from the deckhouse.
In Greenaval, there are no system on the boat that often malfunction and require maintenance such as hydraulic system, exhaust system, complex cooling systems.

6. Who should prefer GreeNaval?

Greenaval is not primarily a speed boat. If you are a speed enthusiastic, you may consider GreeNaval hybrid option. You do not necessarily need to be an experienced skipper to drive, navigate Greenaval.  All equipment used in the boat is mechanical and electrical parted , there is no hydraulic and all the hardware you need is placed in way that can be easily accessed and managed. It does not require constant maintenance as in other brands . Their malfunction probability is minimum and they are easy to repair to systems in case of failure. Therefore Greenaval is suitable for anyone  who loves the sea, wants to experience the sea.
Besides these, Greenaval offers 4-5 hours of cruise capability with 0 emissions. And this means 0 fuel costs. With a simple example, you can leave Pendik Marina and go to Buyukada, where you can swim and sunbath, enjoy your meal with friends and return to Marina again. You can do all of them without spending a penny from your pocket. Greenaval is ideal for anyone who loves the sea and his or her pocket.

7. What are the fuel consumption values of GreeNaval? 

Greenaval is  a new generation boat designed and manufactured in "zero emission" concept. You will have no fuel consumption for a 4-5 hour cruise. Propulsion will be completely provided with electric energy derived from marina electricity or solar panels. Apart from this if generator is wished to be engaged, your fuel consumption will vary between  2Lt/ h and 5Lt / h. This value is 2.5 times lower than a diesel engine that propel a boat at the same speed.

8. What are the models of the GreeNaval?

Currently 40 feet, 45feet and 50 feet motor yacht models of Greenaval are available. 66feet model is in the design stage and is scheduled to release for debut at the end of 2016. And Greenaval's sailing model is under construction and over the coming years it will possible to see GreeNaval's sailing models on the water.

9.  Why is Greenval manufactured from aluminium hull and upper structure? 

Aluminium is a relatively corrosion resistant material, it has a distortion and deformation resistance quality.
Aluminum is lighter than other materials which can be used.
Aluminium has close to the value of steel in terms of strength at the sea. Compared to a polyester boat it is much more durable and impact resistant . To sum up it is light as polyester boats and durable as steel boats.
The majority of aluminum material can be manufactured without any loss of quality by appropriate recycling process.
Aluminum, when compared to the other possible materials to use, has been preferred for being nature friendly and economic.

10. What are the speed and range values of GreeNaval?

GreeNaval 45's cruising speed is 5 knots and max. speed is 9.5 knots. At cruising speed it has a range of 5 hours (25Knot 0 emissions), at max. speed it has a range of 1 hour (9.5 knots 0 emissions). Distances with longer range is also provided with generator and the range is 2.000 N.m. with 6 knots speed. This means a distance of approximately 2.000 N.m with the fuel tank used for boats of this scale.

11. What should be taken into consideration in the use of GreeNaval? 

Greenaval technology is different from the conventional boats. However, this is not a difficulty for users because everything needs to be done differently is indicated by the control panels and warning systems. All the matters to be considered such the efficient use of the batteries and thus maximizing their life, checking the battery level, the condition of the electrical circuit, speed, navigation can be controlled and operated from the wheelhouse. Thanks to the controller integrated into the propulsion system, false usage cannot be a matter, the system is automatically alerted.

12. May electrolysis occur on GreeNaval’s hull?

The most wondered issue in aluminum boats is that whether electrolysis and corrosion occur when an iron material contacts the hull or an open part of the boat hull. In GreeNaval this problem is solved via a special paint applied on hull's surface, the bile and other open areas. This chemical is composed of many different layers, and therefore surface is not electrolyzed even when it's exposed to the possible impacts. It should also be noted that aluminum is the most widely used material in motor yacht today. Aluminum yachts are being produced in a wide range from 15 feet fishing boats up to 60 meters mega yachts. Solution of the electrolysis problem in a material with such a widely marine usage has been already found and is a subject due to no concern.

13. How is GreeNaval’s interior design?

Greenaval's interior design has been developed on simplicity and ease of use. Special aluminum honeycomb panels are used in the floor, walls and ceiling . In this way, both contribution to nature is made by minimizing the use of wood and a solution that's much more  durable, resistant to impact and temperature changes has been obtained.
Materials such as furniture, bedding have been held standart as musch as possible, no special measures have been used. Thus, in cases such as changes and repairs that shall occur later on,  maintenance and repair can be made wherever possible and it is more economical as well . 

14. What are the GreeNaval’s after-sales warranty services? 

Greenaval is under a 12-month warranty from the sale date. Greenaval has technical service agreement in 12 different cities across Europe. In addition, no matter where in the world you are our technical support team offers maintenance/repair guarantee with very affordable man/hour prices.

15. What is the lifetime of the Li-Ion batteries?

Li Ion batteries lifetime varies proportional to the compliance with deep charging depth values. They have lifetimes upto 4000 cycle at 80% of the charge depth, 1100 cycle at 10% of the charge depth. Battery control unit embedded in GreeNaval system will already be guiding you to operate most efficiently  in order to maximize the lifetime your batteries.

16. Is it possible for GreeNaval to be faster?

For higher-speed version, Greenaval's hybrid model is preferable. If much higher speeds are desired than diesel-powered boats should be considered. There is no GreeNaval model powered only with fossil fuel.