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Metal Durability, Lightweight, Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

GreeNaval manufactures it's upper and lower housings from marine aluminium plates. Use of advanced technology in the welding process ensures accuracy & efficiency.

An important factor in yacht construction is weight. Aluminium is one of the lightest boat building materials available. A lighter weight increases performance, carrying capacity & reduces fuel costs.

Aluminium is twice as strong as steel at the same weight and far stronger than fibreglass. Aluminium's lighter weight makes it easier to handle which reduces build costs.


Weight is one of the most important factors of any boat. Aluminum is one of the lightest boat building materials available. A lighter boat increases performance, reduces fuel costs and increases carrying capacity.



Aluminium is not made from renewable resources. Yet, it is easier to recycle than other boat building materials. Recycling of aluminum uses about 90% less energy then raw material production. The scrap material from the building process is often reused and recycled. There is a high trade value on scrap aluminium.

Due to aluminium's lighter hull weight there is a reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


The well designed and constructed aluminum boat is virtually free from maintenance. It will not rot, decay, corrode or weaken. It is impervious to chemicals, UV rays and other environmental conditions. An aluminum boat will need antifoul paint and sacrificial anodes as with any other boat left in the water.